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Experience the Earth Gong Bath

Experience Earth Gong Bath

About Marco Dolce


Marco Dolce is a musician, sound healer, teacher, and best-selling recording artist known as XUMANTRA, internationally-acclaimed for his work with authentic Tibetan singing bowls and gongs. His recordings are in use worldwide by yoga practitioners, alternative healers, meditators, and spiritual seekers of all types. Marco has been hailed by critics as a modern pioneer and master of the contemporary uses of these miraculous instruments.

Marco Dolce, aka XUMANTRA, is available for concert performances with his collection of master-quality singing bowls and gongs. A XUMANTRA performance is not only a rare and sublime listening experience – it is a sound healing, meditative, and mind-expanding experience as well. A live XUMANTRA concert features selections from the artist’s best selling CD series, and mixes an astonishing array of master quality singing bowls, gongs, and tuned conga drums with subtle foundation percussion tracks. Invoking both cosmic and Earthly energies, XUMANTRA is entrancing, transporting, meditative, and wholly original; there is simply nothing like it!

Marco’s best-selling recordings under the name XUMANTRA (40,000+ CDs and countless downloads sold) have garnered critical praise and industry awards in the New age music scene, have touched thousands of lives around the world, and are considered pioneering benchmarks of excellence in the genre of singing bowl music. His six CD releases on his own label are reviewed and distributed internationally and have received extensive radio airplay on satellite and syndicated public radio programs.

After a life-changing spiritual awakening, Marco began the practice and study of sacred sound – the use of sound as a medium for healing and spiritual evolution – and was inspired to create new music using instruments from the world’s sacred sound traditions, notably, Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, and percussion and strings of all kinds. Marco has been hailed as a pioneer and master of the contemporary uses of these instruments, and has been a leader in the development of healing and spiritual modalities that use these instruments.

Marco also offers the Earth Gong Bath, a one-hour, therapeutic immersion in the sacred sound of the Earth Gong, as well as individual healing sessions with his set of master-quality singing bowls.

Marco is an accomplished guitarist, having studied the instrument all his life, especially with such notables as Harry Leahy and Ted Dunbar. He also studied conga drumming and Afro-Cuban percussion at the Drummer’s Collective in New York City with Latin music great Bobby Sanabria. After his college studies, Marco spent many years as a journeyman guitarist, guitar teacher, songwriter, and bandleader, performing continually in American and European venues, and producing and releasing numerous recordings along the way. During his career, his bands have opened for such legendary artists as Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Roy Buchanan, and Junior Wells. He currently performs on guitar throughout the New York/New Jersey area with his band The Long Gone Daddies, an acoustic, four-piece Americana string band.

Marco is also a gifted teacher and offers workshops on sacred sound and sound healing, where participants learn about sound energy and how to use it in their own spiritual practices. The Sacred Sounds workshop is more than just a learning experience – for many participants, it proves to be a transformative event, often resulting in emotional clearing that can affect powerful personal shifts.

Marco is also a New Jersey certified high school English teacher with experience in both the public education and corporate sectors. He also worked in the corporate sector for almost 20 years as a technical communicator, and has worked for most of his life as a guitar teacher.

Marco graduated from Rutgers University where he studied music theory with New York composer Philip Corner, and jazz improvisation with the late, legendary guitarist Ted Dunbar. He also studied conga drumming and Afro-Cuban percussion at the Drummer’s Collective in New York City with Latin music great Bobby Sanabria.

Among his teachers, friends, and collaborators in the realm of sacred sound and sound healing have been such notables as Jonathan Goldman, Don Conreaux, Thea Surasu, Mitch Nur, and Richard Rudis (Karma Sonam Dorje).

In addition to his musical background, Marco has spent over 20 years of studies encompassing comparative religion, metaphysics, Native American shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism, and alternative medicine. He is a dedicated organic gardener, and self-taught herbal healer. (XUMANTRA catalog) (Earth Gong Bath)